TUITION & FEES (Oxnard Campus) ​

Note:  Fees are subject to change without notice.

Per Credit (Unit) does not include course materials or textbooks:

Certificate Students                    $25.00 per unit

Under-Graduate Students: 
Associate of Arts Degree            $40.00 per unit 
Bachelor of Arts Degree             $40.00 per unit  

Graduate Students:
Masters of Art Degree                $65.00 per unit
Doctorate of Art Degree             $75.00 per unit

To be determined on a per campus and student body basis.

Other Fees:

​Application for Admission:         $35.00
Materials and/or Textbooks:      $Vary from class to class
Graduation Fee:                        $100.00
Add/Transfer Fee:                     $10.00
Request for Transcript:              $15.00